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Randy Hopkins  SS/AH

Bucky Hess        SS/AH

Olie Stephan      SS/CA

Dave Thomas     SS who knows!

Gary McGlasson  SS/HA

Gary Russell      SS/J

Sean Cour      GT

Kent Hanley    GT

Allen Wade  SS/DA

Guy Desjardin SS/HA

Doug Hobgood  IHRA

Mike Mients  SS/BA?

Luc Angers  GT/CA


Super Stock  Customers
Gary McGlassen
Dave Thomas’ snake nest!
Don’t remember why it got so
busy, and yeah the header is
on  the block backwards.
Gary Russell is real happy with his
        new 421 headers.
Sean Cour hails from the Northwest!

Luc Angers Sunbird

Nice and tight!…